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Easy NDIS data collection

Reduce your admin costs with

The Edge for NDIS.

Who has the time these days for paper forms and processes?

Therapy Session

There must be a better way?

Capture or update information quickly and effortlessly.

No more rekeying or manual rework required through the use of "digital" smart forms.

Eliminate having to write down information that you think your service provider or employer should already know about you.

Be confident that up to date information is not only just a click away but securely available to those responsible for making decisions, or providing care & services.

Using Digital Tablet

Why not send your client a link to one of our secure Smart Forms such as:-

- new client registration or

- service agreement completion.


Pre-filling of the form with any information you already have means your customer can quickly update the form and submit it for processing.

This eliminates the need for time consuming paperwork and improves customer service greatly. 

Smart Forms

Smart Forms
Closeup of laptop and pen

Use one of our forms or we can create one for you.

We have a range of forms that you can select from including:

  • Contact Us forms for Web Sites

  • NDIS new client/staff Forms

  • Service Agreement Forms

  • Feedback/Survey Forms

Or contact us to discuss your needs.

Smart Forms - Step 2
Using a Touch Phone

Easy inputs!

Why spend hours filling in paper forms, or web forms that are not connected to your CRM?

Save the time and hassle with our Smart Forms. 

Taking Notes

Intelligent processing

Deliver quality service every time with our intelligent guided processes.

Job interview


Build strong relationships with clients, track progress and build momentum.

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