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Efficient Outcomes
that give you the Edge!

Deliver results faster with Streamline Edge.

Who has the funding for time consuming overheads?

Office employee

All service providers want to receive that 5 star rating from their participants, families and carers.


But the real challenge is to make the client feel special without going over the allocated funding to achieve this.

What if you could deliver a personalised experience for your client without the admin overhead?

The Challenge?
Exceptional service without the overheads.

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Challenge Accepted!
Personalised Documents at the click of a button

Our Smart Documents gather all the relevant data on your client and produce the personalised document your clients are looking for, at the click of a button.

We have a range of pre-built templates you can select from including:

  • Quotes

  • Support Plans

  • Service Agreements

  • Expenditure Statements

  • Invoices

  • Medical Forms


Or engage us to build a template for your unique offering.

Personalised Documents
Businessman with Tablet

The Challenge?
Build strong relationships when everyone is working remotely.

It's harder than ever to build and maintain close relationships with clients with everyone working remotely these days.

It's more important than ever for any of your staff to be able to pick up the conversation with your client from where it left off.

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Challenge accepted!
Integrate your conversations with your data.

We give you The Edge over your 

competition with a CRM designed for Service Providers to enhance and streamline all interactions with your client.

View your client data alongside your activity notes, internal conversations, tasks and meetings.

Pick up the conversation, and engage with the client without wasting time or money trying to find out what is happening, or should happen next,

Integrate Conversation
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It has been a difficult transition for service providers, with many changes, increasing reporting requirements, funding issues and increasing risks to the ongoing delivery of services.

The passion remains strong to care for those in need, but the available systems and options have lacked the flexibility to truly support the industry.

The Challenge?
Track progress and build momentum.

Online meeting

Challenge Accepted!
Flexible technology designed to adapt to your unique needs

We can give you The Edge with our web based application that leverages the full power of the industry leading CRM and our extensive experience working in a range of industries and the disability sector since 2015.


We provide the means to:

  • Measure evidence based outcomes

  • Track progress against goals

  • Track costs vs budget

  • Raise and resolve service issues

  • Raise and manage incidents

  • Link outcomes to supports received, risk factors and participant characteristics

  • Generate Provider Outcomes Reports

  • Tangibly see the difference you are making

And so much more...

Flexible Technology

Discover more of The Edge

Using a Touch Phone

Easy inputs!

Why spend hours filling in paper forms, or web forms that are not connected to your CRM?

Save the time and hassle with our Smart Forms. 

Taking Notes

Intelligent processing

Deliver quality service every time with our intelligent guided processes.

Job interview


Build strong relationships with clients, track progress and build momentum.

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