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Intelligent Processes
that give you the Edge

Work smarter with The Edge for NDIS.

Leverage your strengths, improve effectiveness and build capacity

Laptop and Paperwork

Tired of systems that slow you down?

How much time and effort do you spend working on:

  • Onboarding new staff or volunteers

  • Updating Staff NDIS registration, screening and risk assessed role details

  • Recording client interactions whether in-house or on the road

  • Managing complaints, incidents and potential risks

  • Measuring and assessing client progress against targets

  • Compiling plan review reports

  • Following up outstanding invoices

  • Maintaining data requirements to ensure NDIS compliance

  • Manually preparing documents and reports

  • Keeping track of team activities?


The Edge for NDIS enables you to harness your organisational strengths, improve operational effectiveness and build capacity.​

Child In Speech Therapy

Free up your time

We've streamlined the processes that maximise the benefits to you, so you can: 

  • Access & find the information you're looking for easily and in real-time from anywhere

  • Schedule appointments, assign specifically skilled and registered workers and manage billable hours effectively

  • Communicate easily and efficiently with clients and other internal and external stakeholders.

Free up your time
Kids in Preschool

Raise the bar for customer service.

How do you ensure that every customer gets the level of attention and service expected these days? This is especially difficult with staff often working from home, and without supervision.

We guide your staff through every stage of the journey with your customer from enquiries to sales and delivery to invoicing.

When your customer calls, staff simply look them up in the Edge, and then see immediately what is happening, and know what to do next.

Managers can readily track the status of an engagement with a customer and follow up as needed if issues or delays occur.

Raise the bar
Office Meeting

Reduce Reporting Effort

Your customers expect you to have their information at your fingertips and to proactively give them what they need when they need it.

Some of the highlights of The Edge for NDIS include the ability to:

  • Connect client service agreements, plans and services via efficient workflows

  • Minimize the time you spend doing administrative tasks like:

    • Producing reports for plan reviews,

    • Communicating with finance packages or

    • Maintaining data requirements to ensure NDIS compliance

  • Instantly measure and assess client progress against targets.

Reduce Reporting Effort
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Using a Touch Phone

Easy inputs!

Why spend hours filling in paper forms, or web forms that are not connected to your CRM?

Save the time and hassle with our Smart Forms. 

Taking Notes

Intelligent processing

Deliver quality service every time with our intelligent guided processes.

Job interview


Build strong relationships with clients, track progress and build momentum.

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