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Privacy Statement

We are committed to establishing long term relationships with our clients. Demonstrating a high level of professionalism in everything we do is fundamental to gaining and keeping the trust of our clients and partners. 

We and our partners work as a team in delivering products and services and operate under the same confidentiality agreement and code of ethics.

In summary, we commit to carrying our professional duties responsibly and with integrity:

  • collecting, analysing and presenting facts without bias;

  • disclosing to you any benefit we may gain from third parties in the course of your project(s);

  • maintaining the highest level of confidentiality of your information and customer details, including past confidential information, proposals, reports, recommendations.

Any information collected through your visit to this website, any research, phone call or meeting will be handled with the highest standards of confidentiality in accordance with the Victorian Information Privacy Act 2000.

The following standards are referred to in the above Act:

  • Streamline Edge will only use and disclose the information you provided for the reason it was obtained. Information may be disclosed in the concern of public interest, such as law enforcement or the interest of individual or public health and safety.

  • Reasons for collection of information will be outlined along with how it will be used, how you may obtain access to the information and the consequences of not providing the information.

  • Streamline Edge will take the appropriate steps to ensure the integrity and security of all information collected.

  • Apart from using relevant information for delivering our services to you directly and through third parties (who may need to access your information for that purpose), we may use the information we collect from you to communicate with you, keep up to date records and where applicable display personalised content.

  • We may analyse the information to improve the relevance and usefulness of our services and our communication with you including this website.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this privacy statement, you should first contact Michael Boyens directly.

How to Contact Us

Questions about this statement or about our handling of your information may be sent by email to:, or by post to Michael Boyens Privacy Office, 1-3 McCallum Road Doncaster VIC 3108.

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