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Streamline Edge was established in response to many of our customers wanting to "streamline" their operations and processes. For many it was an expression of a desire to simplify, to get everyone on the same page, to drive efficiency and build a business with the "edge" over their competitors.

The Edge is an application built by Streamline Edge that gives our clients that edge!


Deliver the "Edge"

We aim to transform the flow of your business by:

  • eliminating paper forms and manual processes

  • streamlining and automating processes from sales to delivery to support and billing

  • empowering staff with tools that make their day to day work easier

  • building capacity in your business to achieve more with less effort

  • providing the information you need to deliver exceptional service to your customers

Our Journey So Far



Founded in response to an opportunity to support a new Real Estate portal offering. We were invited in by the CEO and asked to review systems and processes and assess any gaps prior to imminent launch some 3 weeks away. Our choices were to deliver hundreds of pages documenting missing processes or to deliver a technology solution (in this case a CRM) that would automate their processes and provide a solid platform for growth. With our smart tools and "know how" we were able to configure and implement a solution within a 2 week period that enabled the company to deliver their product to hundreds of customers ahead of schedule. 



in 2010 we were engaged by a Pre-Cast Concreting firm to improve their tendering and quoting processes. Senior management were spending days of effort for each tender due to manually compiling information from multiple systems and reports. Whilst they had been operating for some 30 years, and had a great reputation for a quality product, they were struggling to break-even. After implementing Streamline Edge they were able to obtain a 12 fold increase in revenues whilst maintaining staffing levels. They are now the acknowledged market leader in their industry as a result of our pioneering work.

Business Meeting
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